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We believe it is not only who you know, but who knows you. We help real estate investors explode their brand online by repurposing their content.


Hi, I'm Ruben Kanya

Director | Consultant | Investor | Speaker | Host of The Real Estate Experiment

Welcome to Invested Talent!

In addition to owning a business, being the host of my own show and being an active real estate investor — in this day and age, just like you, I am very aware of the importance of creating content for my brand. However finding the time to create content and not having the luxury of having a full time camera crew following me around everyday, I took a page from notable thought-leaders’ books and came up with an efficient and effective way to create content for my brand, by repurposing existing content.

This meant repurposing any piece of video content with my podcast being the #1 content source that we repurpose to build my thought leadership platform. Content creation has directly contributed to real estate deals, investor partners, clients for my agency, sponsorships, speaking engagements and most importantly, the most genuine partnerships.

Once my team and I mastered this system, another real estate partner asked if I could provide the same for his brand, I said yes and right there & then my content repurposing agency was born. I practice what I preach as an investor, host and business owner so I relate with our clients because I am my own client. What started out as a solution for myself has now transformed into a solution for my peers in the real estate and thought leadership space. At Invested Talent we focus on content you are already creating and 10x it by repurposing it for you. That means editing, scheduling, publishing, you leave it all to us.

We believe that as an investor, you should do what you do and focus on BEING the BRAND and we’ll help you BUILD it.

— Ruben Kanya | Founder & Director

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What Can Our Team Do For You?

Here are some examples of roles we play for our clients.

  • Edit Content

    ⚉ Have video content, we'll take it and redistribute where your target audience hangs out
    ⚉ We'll turn your video content into podcasts
    ⚉ We create short informational video snippets of content + captions from your existing content
    ⚉ We'll create Graphic quote cards from key conversations you've made from your video, interviews, blog, you name it!

  • Repurpose Content

    ⚉ We'll create long form video content from the raw footage
    ⚉ We'll create short form video clips from the raw content
    ⚉ We'll format every piece with respect to the platform (IGTV, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook)
    ⚉ We'll include your logo, brand colors and outro slides so that your brand name is being marketed in your sleep

  • Publish Content

    ⚉ You name the platform, we'll publish it
    ⚉ We'll schedule your content ahead of time
    ⚉ We'll post for you
    ⚉ We'll launch your podcast for you
    ⚉ You'll have access and feedback to any content in the queue
    ⚉ You can be actively involved in every post that goes out or not involved at all, leave it to us 🙂