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Ruben F. Kanya | Consultant | Speaker | Media Influencer

1 on 1 Coaching

If you’re looking for hands on consulting on expanding your brand on social media, Ruben has consulted hundreds of business owners, thought leaders and corporations in helping them grow their brand online. From launching their podcasts, to publishing raw content on multiple social media platforms to repurposing their existing content everywhere, Ruben’s commitment is to help you successfully tell your story on social media as well as monetize from it.

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We Repurpose

Your Video/Podcast Content

Repurposing content is the art of taking one form of pre-recorded content and using bits and pieces from that one recording on multiple social media channels to grow your brand.

  • You Record

    You record a video from your phone, computer, Zoom calls, podcasts, interviews, YouTube, any existing video content, on-the-fly footage, you name it!

  • We Edit

    We take existing video content and we edit it for you. We add an intro, outro, effects, include your logo, music, captions, etc. We call these edited videos snippets.

  • We Publish

    We make sure your video content is repurposed and published across multiple media platforms where your audience is congregating. After editing your video/graphics we also manage where and when your content is scheduled & launched.