We believe it is not only who you know, but who knows you. We help real estate investors explode their brand online by repurposing their content.

Message From Founder

Hi, I'm Ruben Kanya

Director | Consultant | Investor | Speaker | Host of The Real Estate Experiment

Welcome to Invested Talent!
I am an active real estate investor and realtor and I had some resistance in creating content in the very early stages of my journey. Little did I know that the very thing I resisted the most would be the very thing that helped me grow my brand the most. And that was putting myself out there and sharing with people what I'm already doing probably just like you. And soon with the humility and vulnerability, and putting myself out there, more business came my way!
What started out as a solution for myself has now transformed into Invested Talent - one of the most cost effective and reliable services and social media content management & creation for real estate professionals. We focus on content you are already producing and we look to repurpose it for you. That means editing, scheduling, publishing, you leave it to us. You focus on BEING the BRAND and we'll help you BUILD it.


What Can Our Team Do For You?

Here are some examples of roles we play for our clients.


    Have video content, we'll take it and redistribute where your target audience hangs out
    We'll turn your video content into podcasts
    We create short informational video snippets of content + captions from your existing content
    We'll create Graphic quote cards from key conversations you've made from your video, interviews, blog, you name it!


    We'll create long form video content from the raw footage
    We'll create short form video clips from the raw content
    We'll format every piece with respect to the platform (IGTV, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook)
    We'll include your logo, brand colors and outro slides so that your brand name is being marketed in your sleep


    You name the platform, we'll publish it
    We'll schedule your content ahead of time
    We'll post for you
    We'll launch your podcast for you
    You'll have access and feedback to any content in the queue
    You can be actively involved in every post that goes out or not involved at all, leave it to us :)

Discover How We Can Help

Let's create a roadmap together for freeing up your time

Our Process

Here is the process we take our clients through

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We start every engagement with a free discovery call. During this call, we’ll fully hear what your needs are and see if and how our virtual team can help you. 

    No obligation
    No hard pitches

"Ruben is a great consultant. When I first met him I was having trouble with the lead generation aspect of my business. He helped me to see where I wasting my time and then gave me detailed documents on questions to ask my sellers. In every encounter, he is always timely and punctual. While also providing me with the best service."

Amanda Pitts

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Should you decide to move forward, you’ll pay a one time $195 activation fee. This fee will include all the work it takes to get you setup and your team member taking action. These tasks include the following:

    Assigning you the right team member/s
    Setting up slack channel so you can direct message us
    Getting our team members setup on any other systems you have (Don’t have any systems? We’ll help research and set you up with the right ones)
    We'll also help document any relevant business processes and create what amounts to a set of training manuals for you to use immediately. (Standard operating procedures)
    BONUS: You get to keep a copy of the training manuals we create for you!

"My company is based out of South Jersey, and we are building a portfolio of multifamily and commercial properties all over the country. Ruben and I started working together when the time came for us to venture into the Atlanta market. He has an investor mindset and always operates at the highest level of professionalism."

Roman Bulgakov

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The relevant team members on our team get trained on your processes and get to work. Each week your team member works on your tasks. If you’re paying by hour, their hours are tracked and billed to you at the end of each week at the agreed upon hourly rate. There’s no contract and you can cancel anytime.

    No more slaving over things you hate doing.
    More time to focus on high impact activities

"Ruben was instrumental for me in closing a small multifamily deal in Atlanta. Before that, though, he took the time to understand my goals and what I was looking for in an investment. He talked me through potential different strategies and helped me connect with other great people as well. I look forward to doing more deals with Ruben!"

Sanjay Shah

Why Choose Invested Talent?

  • Pre-vetted, highly trained talent

    We invest in our team and work in an agile methodology. That means you have a a fully managed and trained team working on your channel as it relates to your need.

  • Real estate domain knowledge

    Invested Talent was created to solve the needs (including but not limited to) real estate investors and professionals. Our knowledge of the real estate industry has only deepened over time to better serve our clients— which we like to call partners.

  • Access to our extended team

    Our team includes copywriters, graphic designers, video editors so that you get everything you need all under one roof.

  • Costs way less than hiring an in house employee

    Need we say more? Compare our costs with that of hiring someone in-house. No comparison to the access and level of expertise that you get from a full team.

  • Pay only for hours you use (No contract)

    We track our team's hours and bill you only for the hours it takes to complete your tasks. No contract. Simply activate your channel. We charge you for what you use bi-weekly.

  • No recruiting costs or HR headaches

    No need to pay for benefits, contracts, nothing. We are your vendor, pay for what you need, as you go. No strings attached.

  • Quality control & support from your account manager

    We guarantee the security of all secure date and payments. You may choose the most suitable payment method.

  • Consulting Available

    In addition to our services, we also offer strategy calls. Again no contracts, book them as you need them, we strategize WITH you and then implement FOR you.



  • Does my Invested Talent team create content for me?

    At Invested Talent, we edit, schedule and repurpose your existing content. While we do create graphics, banners, short promotional videos, intros and outros from scratch — we do not create long form content from scratch.

  • Can I get guidance on my content strategy?

    Absolutely in addition to our content repurposing services, you can also schedule paid strategy calls to give you overall guidance on the direction of your branding.

  • Do you assign me a member?

    We collectively work on your tasks as a team, based on WHAT needs to get done, the right team member will take on the task. This includes but is not limited to graphic designers, copywriters, video editors, producers, tech subject matter experts.

  • Can’t I just hire my own virtual worker through freelancing websites?

    Sure you could and it may make sense depending on your situation. But hiring for one off projects on freelancing websites is different than having a reliable full team on call. With freelancing sites, there’s always the back and forth communication before a project or a task gets started. If that freelancer gets sick or is unavailable you have to go and find someone else. Since you’re not hiring them full time, you can bet they have other projects on their plate and you cannot guarantee when they’ll start on yours. Plus do you really want to spend all that time recruiting, training, and retaining? With Invested Talent, we do all that for you. It’s like getting a recruiter, manager, and HR department for free in addition to your talented team member(s).

  • What time zones and hours can I submit tasks?

    We work 24/7. Our turn around is 1-3 days or within a 24 hour window if utilizing the emergency channel. Otherwise we post and publish content with respect to your schedule.

  • How soon can I start?

    In most cases, right away. Schedule a discovery call today so we can understand your needs Then Activate your channel and we're ready to go!

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